Ruining Christmas #1 Blank Variant
Stranger Comics

Ruining Christmas #1 Blank Variant

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Limited to 350 copies.

WARNING: THIS IS NOT FOR KIDS. In fact, it’s because of these selfish toe rags and apathetic grown folks that Santa is no longer appreciated. We’ve given up on him, so he’s given up on us! I mean how in Nick’s name do kids whine for a $300 pair of sneaks and we give it to them instead of a lump of coal? Where did we go wrong? WE'RE RUINING CHRISTMAS!

Scribes: Sebastian A. Jones and Darrell May
Nibs: Eli Hix
Paints: Patrick Hix
Tinker: Joshua Cozine
Technician: Yasmin Joyner
Carolers: Sebastian A. Jones and Stefhen Bryan
Quality Assurance: LP Ross 
Santa's Helpers: Ken Locsmandi, Yoshio Kohashi, Terrance Bouldin-Johnson, Mark Hammond, Quincy Everidge, Christopher Garner, Kayla Green