The Untamed: Killing Floor #3 (Vol. 2, Issue 3) eBook
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The Untamed: Killing Floor #3 (Vol. 2, Issue 3) eBook

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THE UNTAMED II: Killing Floor #3

Written by Sebastian A. Jones
Art by Peter Bergting
Cover by Jae Lee 
Layouts by Darrell May

1st appearance of Salem



Niobe trains as an assassin under the guidance of a ruthless killer, and she will need all the help she can get as there is a brutal new player in the war at Coffin Row. Lani is the same age as Niobe, but she has had a lifetime to learn the ways of the warrior and the tools of torture.


“Sebastian and the rest of his team not only took the comic to a new level artistically, but the story weaving is so creatively innovative you’ll read it multiple times over.”

- PRENTICE PENNY (Insecure, Uncorked, Brooklyn 99)