Suggested Reading Order


Above is the suggested reading order for the collections, whether Trade Paperback or Hardcover.

The Untamed Series takes place when Niobe is a teenager and follows Niobe and the Stranger as they discover who Niobe really is and what the future holds.

Dusu tells the story of Niobe's tribe and family, though she has not met them at this point in the story (look for Untamed Vol. 3 for that).

The Niobe Series is Niobe's coming of age as she transitions from an idealistic young savior to a hardened hero who may turn away from the light in the quest to do what is right.

Erathune is where we begin the tale of Niobe as an adult in a team book, setting up much of what is to come.


Single issues for books currently in release and not yet collected are set at various points in the timeline. Some of them appear as bonus material or previews in the backs of the hardcovers. 

Essessa follows Erathune and continues to bring the pieces together while reflecting on the origins of Niobe's anti-paladin nemesis.

Morka Moa follows the Blessed Hunter, first as he pursues an infant Niobe and then tells of the events that lead to the birth of his son. 

Niobe & Dura takes place between Morka Moa and The Untamed. Vastar, the first Undead, has come for Niobe and only Dura stands in his way. Readers will learn how Niobe came to be in The Town of Oasis in The Untamed.

Tales of Asunda is an anthology series, containing a series of one shot stories from various times and places, fleshing out Niobe's World of Asunda.