I Am Awesome SIGNED
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I Am Awesome SIGNED

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To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of I Am Awesome, the first 50 Bundle sets will be discounted and signed by Garcelle and Sebastian. The first 50 individual books will be signed too!

Signed books will ship on 4/29/20. Preorder Now!

I Am Awesome

Written by Garcelle Beauvais & Sebastian A. Jones 
Art by James C. Webster


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"I am awesome, one day I’ll be king. President or Queen, or some marvelous thing. For now, I’ll be awesome at being me."

What makes you Awesome? Whatever makes you… YOU! Join Jay, Nia, and their friends from the I Am Book Series to enjoy the things that make each child unique and special. I Am Awesome engages the reader in subjects that include being brave, never giving up, and what it means to be a good friend.

“I Am Awesome celebrates the innocent journey of self-discovery through imagination and creative wonder, and THAT is Awesome.” - Angie Harmon (from her foreword)