Niobe & Dura #2 Tehani Farr Kickstarter Exclusive
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Niobe & Dura #2 Tehani Farr Kickstarter Exclusive

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"Follow my tale and I will tell you my truth."

A young Niobe is in the care of the great shaman Dura. They are fleeing the first undead, Vastar, Dura’s own brother, through the jungles of Ugoma. Dura must teach Niobe who she can be all the while knowing WHAT she could become if she falls into Vastar's hands. If he can get to Niobe, Dura will have to make the ultimate choice.

NIOBE & DURA is a story that takes place just before THE UNTAMED: A Sinner's Prayer.


Written by Sebastian A. Jones & Prentice Penny
Art by Sheldon Mitchell
Layouts by Darrell May