Niobe: She is Life (Vol. 1, Issues 1-4) eBook Collection
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Niobe: She is Life (Vol. 1, Issues 1-4) eBook Collection

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Niobe, the child of prophecy first introduced in The Untamed, is on the run both from her destiny and those who would see it unfulfilled. She finds shelter among her mother’s people, but when a boy is murdered it sets off a series of events that will lead to war.


Volume 1 of the Niobe series

Collects Issues 1-4 of NIOBE: She is Life in a 128 page paperback edition with bonus material included in the back. Hardcover Editions have 96 extra pages of bonus material.

Written by Sebastian A. Jones & Amandla Stenberg 
Art by Ashley A. Woods
Concept and Layouts by Darrell May
Cover by Hyoung Taek Nam


PLEASE NOTE: This book is our most appropriate title for ALL AGES.

FOR THE COLLECTORS: Issue #1 includes the 1st appearances of Essessa, Sin, Bragnar, and Temshin. Issue #2 includes the 1st cameo of Morka Moa and the 1st appearance of Charan. Issue #3 includes the 1st cameo of Yink. Issue #4 includes the 1st appearances of Morka Moa and Yink. |

Issue #1 is available here in printed format. Other covers and other issues in the series are available elsewhere in the Stranger store.


“We all have a Niobe inside ourselves, and it’s time to let her roar.”  – VIOLA DAVIS (from her Hardcover foreword)

“Her journey is my journey. There's never been a character quite like her, one who shatters the traditional ideal of what a hero is. We need more badass girls!”  – AMANDLA STENBERG

“The girl hero we deserve.” – TEEN VOGUE

“A tribute to all badass black women.”  – HUFFINGTON POST

“A young black protagonist who’s as much as heroic badass as Amandla is.”  – MTV