Kersheg Hyoung 11x17 Print
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Kersheg Hyoung 11x17 Print

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"Kersheg the Mute" THE UNTAMED: A Sinner's Prayer Art by Hyoung Taek Nam ASUNDA | 11 X 17 | COLOR
"I was given a second chance in death. Vengeance was offered and I was quick to accept."

We are proud to present Hyoung's soul stirring painting of Kersheg The Mute. Hyoung has captured the brutal killer's stoic power and silent intensity. There is a history and a depth to this painting that reflects a mysterious past which cannot be spoken. Bear witness to Kersheg's passion for collecting trinkets and treasures to add to his rope necklace made of dwarven hair. They include bone fingers, scalps, skins, and vials of poison, and other grim ornaments.

"That's the best !@$#ing Orc I have ever seen." - SKELETON KING