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Happy Thursday! How are you guys doing? Thanks for sending in your comic shop recommendations. Please keep them coming!

“Even Demons can love like Angels.”

That’s an excerpt from The Untamed: Still a Fool #1. If you’re a fan of Stranger, you know a lot of our comics are about second chances and whether or not we deserve them. But they’re also about love and if we deserve all the joy and pain that comes with it. From partnerships to family relationships, folks wrestle with guilt, hope and ego in love. For Vastar, Dura’s brother, he has waited a world’s lifetime to see her again – since creation. Below is a sneak peek of NIOBE & DURA #2. As a reminder, it's co-written by Prentice Penny (EP/Writer/Director of HBO’s Insecure). If you haven’t got issue #1, they’re on our website! Issue #1 will also be an exclusive by Tehani Farr for July Patreon Members and...

SDCC & PATREON: July 1st is tomorrow! The biggest month in comics. We have teamed up with Skeleton Key Comics for a spectacular SDCC Exclusive of NIOBE & DURA #1! It will feature one of the beautiful covers Tehani Farr did for us. The other, as mentioned above, will be our July Patreon Exclusive, and Patreon backers will have early access to the SDCC Exclusive to make sure they have the set! We will show different versions as we draw closer to the con! The ABOVE is the version all Patrons at $25 and up will receive, but even $5 will be able to get it via the Patreon Store where you can pick and choose the Exclusives that you want. So if you haven’t backed the Patreon yet and want access or a monthly shipment of exclusives (and 20% off the Stranger website), go to

ESSESSA on PATREON: We’re coming to the end of June, so this is the last day to get in on this month's Patreon membership and receive the ESSESSA Blade in your monthly package. If you miss it, you may be able to get some of the limited extras in the Patreon Store before they run out but only Patrons have access! And don't forget, Patrons have early access to all of our variants, and one of our other SDCC Exclusives is the ESSESSA Blade Homage Spot Color Variants!

SHIPPING: If you are waiting on stuff from us, our stalwart head of shipping has been sick but is on the mend and the balance of all our books arrive today, so shipping will commence like crazy! Thanks so much for your patience! We will be combining May and June Patreon packages as Essessa will be in hand as well. 

INSTAGRAM LIVE: If you get a chance to tune in tonight at 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST all new (and existing) Patreon Backers are gonna get something a FREE li'l extra something.

DISCORD: Join our discord here to not miss out! Patreon members have expanded access!

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