Second Chances in Comics

Hello, Stranger.

I’m not sure how many know my story, but I’ll share a little here and now. I moved from the UK to the US when I was eighteen. I wanted to be an actor (I ended up doing that in commercials, although you may just see me as a very British villain in the movie Beyond White Space now streaming). However, after my family followed me out, some years later we started a record label. It was called MVP Records and we put out 25 albums, jazz, old soul, rare funk and blues…that was until the internet came along and obliterated the CD scene. Long story short… it wasn’t until I was in my early-mid 30’s that I was at a “what do I do now” point in my life.

Option 1 – dig my heels in as an actor (I was doing pretty good – here’s a link if you want a giggle)

Option 2 – get into comics

After running a label, I was pretty wiped out, and so I pitched our comic ideas to various companies… and after I realized they wanted our comics for the wrong reasons I started Stranger Comics with Josh and Darrell. To protect the integrity of Niobe and the world we wanted for her and the reader.

SECOND CHANCES – It’s a theme I play with a lot in our comics. The Untamed is all about that, same with Erathune, Niobe, Dusu lol…I guess I had a second chance in comics and I hope to have a second chance to be a better man through these characters. If you (and I) will let me.

TALES OF ASUNDA #1: Niobe & The Stranger “First Kill” is all about that. Will Niobe give an enemy a second chance, does he deserve it, and who is she to judge? And if she condemns, what is his punishment? And how did she get to play God? Niobe will go on a journey to her past where she once roamed the world with The Stranger – a man who she helped save from damnation. But when faced with the choice of killing for the first time, will Niobe find damnation herself or mercy? 

STRANGERCON: Take the journey with Niobe and The Stranger May 28 only on @strangercomics YouTubeLive. We have a beautiful Julio Brilha exclusive for FREE! And the epic and legendary DEAD PRESIDENTS homage featuring cosplayer Kueen Kerosene. Camp HERE because they will go! 

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Be kind to yourself :)
Love, Seb

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