Kayla Green joins Stranger Comics

We are so excited to share the news that Kayla Green is the new Social Media Marketing Coordinator for Stranger Comics. Kayla will be handling all social media platforms, helping to support our existing fanbase and expand it to welcome new fans. Kayla will communicate with the public and help nurture the culture of Stranger Comics.


We first met Kayla at Baltimore Comic-Con a few years ago when she stopped by our booth. Since then, along with the rest of the Niobe cosplay crew of Brytt Hamilton, Brianna Pippens, and Aliya Will, (the #nioBAE tribe), Kayla has been a fixture at many of our conventions. Now, Kayla is an integral part of the company, and has already created a series of exciting new initiatives our fans will love.


Stranger Comics President Sebastian A. Jones had this to say: “Kayla is a rare ray of positive light, a perfect guide for our Stranger family to follow. Her passion for Niobe and what we do is infectious! We are so happy to have her as part of our team!”


Love, Seb




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