Stranger Comics and Joint Venture with Prentice Penny Feature in 25% of SYFY's List of Black Adaptations

SYFY Wire, SYFY's news wing, published a list of 12 highly anticipated adaptations of black comics into film and television. Stranger Comics and its head Sebastian A. Jones featured in 3 of them.

Stranger Comics' own Niobe made the list due to Stranger's development deal with HBO for the whole of the world of Asunda. Jones is attached to produce any adaptation under the deal, and the first series in development sees Jones working with HBO veteran show runner Prentice Penny of Insecure. As has been previously reported by The Hollywood Reporter, that relationship grew into a full partnership with a joint venture company being launched by the two creators. The first two announced projects under the joint venture also made the list.

Harriet Tubman Demon Slayer by David Crownson is being adapted for the screen by Jones and Penny. Jaycen Wise, the brainchild of Black Heroes Matter creator Uraeus, will be produced as a comic and published by the joint venture with an eye toward a television adaptation. 

To see what SYFY had to say about the trio, CLICK HERE.

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