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David Mack Niobe


Hello Stranger,

A quick rant… I guess I’m an analog lad in a crypto world. Automated worlds scare me. I usually write these newletters on a word doc first and have to click the “no spacing” first. The “normal” setting spaces out stuff like paragraphs with assumption. Automated is assumption. Auto-correct assumes it’s correct, thinks it knows me. The only one that does is big brother who watches me dance in my undies to James Brown, and then advertises James Brown and undies (wherever you are, I hope you enjoy). I mean… you can use that big bro to your advantage. Think of the shit you want. Say it out loud. Hey presto! It’s in your inbox… I digress. Yeah, I mean I don’t miss the Thomas Guide or AZ (UK), but rather the days of kicking it with my friends trying to decipher road maps. 

How much of our free thought is already paid for? 

How are the stories we read challenging us rather than accommodating our vacuum desires? Which leads me to segue into what we are trying to do with our tales. I’ve been writing a lot recently and can’t wait to share with what’s in store, which I will on STRANGERCON!

NIOBE + DAVID MACK = :) Please come to STRANGERCON and get the new Tales of Asunda #1: Niobe & Stranger. We’ve confirmed our special guest DAVID MACK who has graced us with the exclusive. David is one of the deepest thinkers I’ve ever met, so I can’t wait. So please click the link, and hit those Like, Subscribe, and Reminder Bell icons. Freebies for attendees are gonna be rocking!

WANNA BE A WRITER? TONIGHT ON INSTAGRAM IG LIVE at 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST: I want to talk more on the creative process. So, if you’re a writer and want to hear some tips on what I do to write, and how I collaborate with Darrell and Josh do stop by. Plus we will have some fire exclusives and discounts.

Have a lovely weekend!

DISCOUNT ALL MONTH: On our website use the code STRANGERCON for 20% off everything.

SONG OF THE WEEK: “LOVE FOR ROBOTS” by Patrick Watson (Paste Version – the drummer’s expression is everything lol)

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