Happy New Year!


Hello Stranger!

Happy Thursday! And Happy Newwww Year!

We are very excited for 2024. 2023 had its shares of peaks and valleys for Stranger Comics, or perhaps for me personally with the passing of my Mum towards the end of the year. Thank you for all of your lovely messages.

But with such loss comes an appreciation of all the beautiful moments of not just the past year, but a lifetime. I feel the light of her love within. Dawn Light is her name. You will find her in the pages.

2023 Stranger Comics had a lot of highlights including our release of Tales of Asunda through Diamond in retail shops, a very successful Kickstarter, an invitation to ComicCon Africa in Johannesburg, and another new convention in BlerdCon in VA. All the conventions were amazing, WonderCon, ECCC, SDCC, Baltimore, NYCC, and LA. We will see you all again this year including our Atlanta peeps, as we are doing DragonCon for the first time!

Speaking of games and Kickstarters - with every Kickstarter package now shipped (except for those who still have to fill out their survey or address some issue), we are offering some select covers from the campaign on our site! One that seems to be a massive hit: The Dungeons & Dragons homage by Sheldon Mitchell is on our website as the featured item! Sheldon so effortlessly recreated the artwork with Niobe facing off against a dragon that with Josh's homage trade dress, most people think it's actually the original until they really look. We put the artwork on a tote bag for conventions, and it's gotten it's share of double takes. So go grab it now. The silver (only 5) and gold metals (only 1) are beautiful! There's also a virgin version that we did that wasn't on the Kickstarter. It doesn't have the homage trade dress obviously, but you can see the rest of the dragon's lair that was hidden behind! And it was limited to only 50 copies! Check it out HERE!

I feel incredibly honored to share the journey of Stranger Comics with you. And this year promises to be a wonderful culmination of a lot of hard work. We have more Tales of Asunda in unexplored parts of our world, more Niobe, Morka Moa, Dura, and more games! (Hint Hint!) If you’re a Patreon member, you can expect investment opportunities, more epic mystery boxes, private zooms, and exclusives! And it all kicks off tonight on @strangercomics IG LIVE! I will be back at 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST with all kinds of metal mayhem and more.

See you all soon!
Love, Seb


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