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Hello Strangers!

How are you guys doing? I have been traveling a bit, spending time with my son, and now returning to the land of Asunda! This vast and volatile world has been a refuge for me for a long time, a haven to play in, a landscape on which to paint my most sincere love, hate, sorrow, and elation. Reflections of the human journey in a land of beasts. Reflections of the beast within this human. 

As I collect a few more grays in these whiskers, it is time to unleash what has been brewing in this savage and beautiful world.

There will be some awesome surprises in store this year, including the continuation of some key comic series, and some guest co-writers to help expand and create. I am very excited to share with you some of what we have planned very soon! 

INSTAGRAM: If you join me tonight on our @strangercomics IG LIVE at the usual time of 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST, I will hint at what we have in store! Plus you never know what surprise variants and rare originals we will have on display!

STRANGER RESERVE SURPRISE! We partnered with Amorphous Ink and Mutant Beaver for an Ivan Tao Exclusive set of THE UNTAMED: Still a Fool #1 (First appearance of two Gods: Idrazhor and Questor). And Ivan rocked a beautiful variant for Izzy’s Comics & Collectibles for NIOBE & DURA #1 I co-authored with Prentice Penny (showrunner of INSECURE). Both of these are in the Stranger Reserve along with, in case you missed it, the NIOBE & DURA #1 Zu Orzu Wicked Monkey Exclusive virgin and trade dress!

ART PRINTS: Look for prints of these exclusives in our art print section HERE and look out for prints from the Kickstarter there shortly!

KICKSTARTER: Speaking of, next week shipping will be underway so if you have any questions please let us know! 

CGC: For folks waiting on CGC books (like so many of you we have been for a long time), there was some apparent paperwork mixup so we have been fast tracked. Thank you so much for your patience and so sorry for the wait!

Thanks all! And hope to see you later this evening on IG!



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