Jae Lee Niobe The Untamed

Hey Stranger family!

Happy Thursday! How are you guys doing? I'm trying to stay positive and celebrate all the wonderful folks that celebrate us!

However, I do need new glasses. My eyesight’s going downhill so I’m typing this week on 16pt font! It’s a bit of a drag, especially as I’m in accounting hell…which adds to the other drags, and that can snowball into an avalanche of...drags? There's a vision for you. 

Anyway, how do we compartmentalize each negative encounter and shrug it off like “dirt off your shoulder?” So we not only make room for the good moments but build upon them… it is the positive dots we want to connect into a wave of affirmation. Until our cup runneth over. It isn’t easy, I mean, sometimes I can’t remember where I put the dang cup in the first place. The point is, make the effort a little bit each day to try, and take a sip of the good stuff. Oh yeah, and take a listen to this… Spider-Man fans will appreciate.

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NEW COVERS: Last week we unleashed the new JAE LEE SET for NIOBE & DURA on IG LIVE. They are now up in the STRANGER RESERVE HERE. Alongside the nearly sold out Ivan Tao set for THE UNTAMED: Still a Fool #1.

INSTAGRAM LIVE: Tonight on our usual IG live at 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST it will be the first time we will show a sneak peek of a BLADE homage no one has seen yet. And we will offer some incredible deals on rare books and more.

Have a wonderful week and please stay safe.

Love, Seb

SONG OF THE WEEK: “THE MAGIC NUMBER” - De La Soul (Thanks Spidey for the reminder of how much I love De La)!
BONUS SONG: “THREE IS A MAGIC NUMBER” – The Electric Company as seen in the link above.

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