Hello Stranger,

Wow, we are getting that much closer to Christmas and all the holiday cheer. Last year we were rocking our RUINING CHRISTMAS Kickstarter which we have just put up in our store HERE. Remember, this is not appropriate for kids! Anyway, last year I was very solo and missing my family. So, the Stranger family kept me company and in the spirit of Christmas I'm giving back!

DISCOUNT: Right now, use XMAS as a 20% Discount Code on every area on our website (except the Stranger Reserve). This is great to stack with bundle deals and kid’s books.

THE STRANGER RESERVE: We have all the rarest of things…including the latest cover, which people have been going nuts for. The BLADE HOMAGE cover by Caanan White for NIOBE: She is Death #1 (first appearance of ARUKAS THE UNTAMED). In the Reserve we have the beautiful SPOT Colors set of the FOIL Virgin and the Paper Trade Dress. These will go live at 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST on Thursday. Here is the link.

But that's not all.

INSTAGRAM LIVE: There are color versions that were on sale at Steel City Con. We have our creator comps on the color versions, and they the only way to get them will be on the Instagram Live where each will be available with REMARKS making each set one-of-a-kind. 

These books are HOT! I’ll also note, we still have some of the Jae Lee inks for NIOBE & DURA #1. The color editions are coming so get these while still on discount!

KICKSTARTER: For everyone who has filled out the Backerkit, you will soon be able to download the ebook versions on Backerkit! If you haven’t filled out your survey, go for it! :) The printed books should be arriving in a week or two so we will start shipping very soon! I will be away for the holidays so signature editions will go out week 2 of January. If you have any questions please email us at If you missed the Kickstarter and want the rare stuff for NIOBE & DURA #1, THE UNTAMED: Still a Fool issues #1 and #2 and MORKA MOA #1 and #2 please go HERE TO FIND THE PREORDER STORE.

Thanks so much all! Hopefully see you on Instagram Live for a jolly good time!

Much love!

SONG OF THE WEEK - "OCEAN" by LED ZEPPELIN (After all, it's Christmas)

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