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Hello Strangers,

How are you guys doing?

Not sure if it’s the 60’s soul I’m listening to, which leads me down pathway dreams, but I’ve been developing more of Niobe’s journey, from the savage to the silent, and soon more adventures in love. I am excited to continue exploring the what and who she has walked away from to save the world - the hurt she carries and the pain she’s left behind to do the right thing. Love vs obligation is never simple.

FEATURED COLLECTION / HIVE EXCLUSIVE: We have now put our featured collections on the front page to give you immediate access, including the HIVE Exclusive by Casey Wullner! One of my favorite covers that really evokes her battle of heaven and hell within – that duality of spirit we all share.

Check it out directly at

INSTAGRAM LIVE: Enough melodrama lol! I’ll share more news tonight at 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST… for our upcoming Patreon, where we will launch our brand new title TALES OF ASUNDA #1 NIOBE: FIRST KILL. 

POETRY COMPETITION. I’ll share some poetry too. If you have one to share, pop by! Next week there will be a competition to win something super fly! So get writing!

KICKSTARTER: Books are finally flying out for NIOBE & DURA. We are still 20% away from completed surveys so please do yours if you haven't already.

ALSO! Had a good chat with our friends over at Unified Pictures. They have completed the graphic novel for VAMPIRE HUNTER D and are unleashing it on Kickstarter with Brandon Easton (writer) and Ryan Benjamin (art)! Super excited. Hit that Notify Me button here.

To celebrate, if you want to see some of the super rare VHD #1’s that we worked on with them (and have been hiding in the vault) pop by our IG LIVE! :)

Please stay safe and much love!

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