Essessa Morka Moa Niobe The Untamed

Hey Stranger Family!

Here we are, with only a few days left on our Niobe & Dura Kickstarter! I do want to remind folks that we are also celebrating the release of THE UNTAMED: Still a Fool issues #1 and #2, which continue the saga of Niobe and the Stranger. It is the third volume in the series that launched Stranger Comics! It shares Niobe finally meeting Waso and the Tribe of the Gathering Wind, her birth tribe (from the pages of DUSU) and will start to unlock the secrets of Dura and what happened to Niobe’s mother!

Also – with just a few days left, in addition to all the beautiful new add ons, we are making some of our rare variants available as ADD ONS in LIMITED quantities! These include:

- NIOBE: She is Life #1 – ALL SIGNATURES! including Ashley A. Woods and Amandla Stenberg!! ($175 - limited to 5)
- THE UNTAMED #1, Limited Edition #1, and #2 – 2009 printing featuring Niobe’s first appearance! ($240 - limited to 5)
- DUSU #1 – #4 retail set! Features Dura and Waso’s first appearance ($40 limited to 20)
- UNTAMED Killing Floor #1 – #4 – Jae Lee covers ($40 limited to 10)
- NIOBE She is Life #1 – #4 – Essessa’s first appearance ($50 limited to 10)
- NIOBE She is Death #1 – #4 Virgin and Trade Dress Jae Lee ($80 limited to 10)
- NIOBE She is Death #1 – ultra rare Jae Lee Heads on Spikes all signatures! ($100 limited to 3)
- ESSESSA #1 & THE UNTAMED Still a Fool #1 Trade Dress set by ClonerH ($30 limited to 10)
- Video game bundle set! Homages to: Zelda, Altered Beast, Bonk, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart (for Ruining Christmas #1), and the new Excite Beast - ($80 limited to 10)
- NIOBE: She is Death #1 Blue Sword by Hyoung! Brushed Metal ($150 limited to 10)

So go find these ADD ONS! And don’t forget all of the new ones, which are not on any Reward – we have them listed at the top of the campaign page! And the ADD ON tutorial is repeated below.

And that’s not all! We have finally unveiled Darrell May’s final cover for MORKA MOA #2 – Spirit Guardian, which is truly a beautiful piece. The Trade and Virgin are available as Tier 1 and Tier 3 cover variants, respectively.

This Thursday: We will have NIOBE: She is Life artist Ashley A. Woods as our special guest on INSTAGRAM LIVE! I will go on at my usual time of 6 PM PDT / 9 PM EDT and she will join 30m in! So we will talk about Niobe and UNBOX the new SAILOR MOON ADD ONS that just arrived!

Thank so much for all the support and making this Kickstarter a truly historic one!

Much love!

5 days Left on Kickstarter!


- Click "Manage Pledge"
- Click "Change Your Pledge"
- If you do no have an Early Bird pledge, click Pledge again on your chosen pledge level (or select a different pledge level) and the ADD ON options will appear below your pledge.
- If you have an Early Bird pledge, you won't be able to reselect your pledge as it's no longer available, but you should see a button that just says Pledge $XXX with your original pledge amount in it. Just click that to keep from changing pledges and losing your Early Bird pledge. Once you hit that, you should get to the page that says CONFIGURE YOUR REWARD with your Early Bird level and all the add ons underneath. 

PLEASE NOTE: If there is another pledge level you want, you can that take as well without losing your Early Bird level as we have made almost all pledge levels available as add ons. 

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