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Hello Stranger,

Happy Thursday! How are you guys? I have just made it to Oregon once again. It’s pretty out here, especially in Spring as the sun has started to say hello. So this week it’ll be more driving lessons and bonding time with the lad. Being a fan of swords and ish I think we’ll go see NORTHMAN. Anyone seen it? Or any other current recommendations? I’m also building out our Convention schedule… let me know where you guys are at. And if we miss you in person, don’t miss out on our biggest event of the year:


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This ONLINE CONVENTION will bring you all the fun of a convention but focused on Stranger Comics with exclusives, guests, and crazy discounts from the vaults and book bundle deals, original art, and the launch of:

STRANGER COMICS PATREON with TALES OF ASUNDA #1: Niobe and the Stranger in First Kill

Stop by to get your FREE Convention Exclusive by signing up! Our Patreon supporters will receive monthly variant comics exclusive to Patreon members but that's just the beginning. Higher level tiers will have limited slots available, where those patrons will get metal editions, merch, #StrangerFamily group zooms for folks that want to learn, pitch stories and more!

Month 1 will be DAVID MACK’s exclusive cover of TALES OF ASUNDA #1: Niobe and the Stranger. Month 2 will be ESSESSA'S BLADE HOMAGE! And come to STRANGERCON for sneak peeks at the months to follow! Over the coming weeks we will reveal more information about the Patreon and the con guests, exclusives, and deals, so check back in here regularly! 

And once again, remember to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and hit the bell icon. If we get 100 likes, each Patreon subscriber at the $25 level and up will also get another variant from our vaults for FREE!

If we can hit 200 likes... more stuff! See you there! And tonight:

MAJOR DISCOUNTS ON INSTAGRAM LIVE: At the usual time of 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST, I’ll be sharing more Patreon information PLUS we have the return of a very special guest (you gotta tune in to find out!) He’ll dig into the vaults where we will offer dent and dinged books for STOOPID discounts – most pressable. Plus, we will offer the beautiful FIONA FRANCOIS set of THE UNTAMED: Still a Fool #1 on discount. (First appearance of two Gods!) Also available HERE.

Much love and see you soon!


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