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Hello Stranger,

Happy Thursday! Only a few more weeks to…


As we are leading up to the new release at the con, there’s a storewide discount all month for 20% off so you can get caught up. Use discount code STRANGERCON.

STRANGERCON: We will have special guests, including OG Niobe artist Ashley A. Woods, crazy discounts, convention exclusives, “Waterfall” mania, and two big launches!

TALES OF ASUNDA #1: Niobe & the Stranger in “First Kill.” This is a nuanced tale of when Niobe first kills a man, as her young armor of innocence is chipped away by reality. Tales of Asunda will be an ongoing series of one shots and short stories featuring many of your favorite characters in Asunda and introducing new ones.

PATREON: We are launching our Patreon at StrangerCon and this one offers more than just personal and behind the scenes access (though it has that too, from private fireside group chats where you can pitch and share stories to a private Discord and eventually an in person meet up). It has 7 tiers, many are limited, and each has wonderful rewards which include exclusive swag in your mail every month for most tiers! Each month will feature a Patreon Exclusive variant, including metal versions, which will only ever be available to Patrons. The link to see these goodies will be next week! If you know our Kickstarters, you know our exclusive covers are beautiful. Month 1 is DAVID MACK!

200 LIKES: We are already at 100 Likes on the YouTube Live link which means all Patreon subscribers at the $25 level will get an EXTRA FREE exclusive. If we hit 200 likes there will be another opportunity! So smash those buttons. Here’s the link again!

INSTAGRAM LIVE: Tonight at our usual time of 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST I wanted to share one of my favorite covers. From Niobe & Dura #1 we have both the trade and virgin editions of “DIVINE” and “ASCENSION.” Both are by Talia Skyles. Plus tonight we have the return of a very special guest. Hope to see you later!

Best, Seb

SONG OF THE WEEK: NIRVANA: “Where Did You Sleep Last Night.” (Live)

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